The Seven Blatant Blunders of First-Time Audio Product Producers

Because folks that are excited have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Which is good. But they also are hell bent on squandering that energy on any idea that comes to mind. Which is not so good.

Because, the worst place to make a mistake is right at the beginning of your journey. And a mistake in the early stages of your product creation career can not only sink that first project, but discourage you from s producing anything again.

There are Seven Blatant Blunders that novice audio product creators make repeatedly. And while these aren’t the only pitfalls you’ll have to watch out for, they are the ones that will rear up when you least expect it, to bite you on the you-know-where:

BLATANT BLUNDER #1 — What I Want, Not What They WantIf making money was not a reality of business, we could produce anything we want. But, for most of us, making money is crucial. I can’t remember the last time my landlord accepted my good intentions and sweet smile as payment in full.

Still, its shocking to see how many folks ignore this fact when choosing their first products. They’ve often had a dream or a fantasy of just what they would create if they only knew how. But once they learn how, they forget that it takes two to tango. And if your market does not share your dream, you’re going to end up with an expensive failure.

Look, I’m not saying to pander to the lowest common denominator to make a buck. I am saying you need to find the happy meeting point between what you do best, what you love to do, and what your market is willing to buy BEFORE you decide on your first product.

BLATANT BLUNDER #2 – THE MINI-SERIES FIASCOWhile people are often terrified of recording audio, once they learn how easy it can be, the pendulum swings in the other direction. Suddenly, even a Steven Spielberg extravaganza looks too small.

The best thing you can do for your production career is to start small. Do whatever you can to get a modest project out there quickly, even if it means doing a 15-minute free program that you give away at your speaking engagements.

Confidence is contagious. The best way to build confidence is to get your first recording out the door and seeing the hap